2014-2015 ARIA Residency - Application

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Opera ARIA Residency
2014-2015 Application

Please submit completed application by the date(s) indicated below.

If you any questions, please contact Joey Castaneda, School Programs Associate, at jcastaneda@sfopera.com or (415) 551-6296.

    Opera ARIA Residency - Description

    The Opera ARIA (Arts Resources in Action) Residency program focuses on connecting one artistic and creative element of opera with classroom curricula. The Residency includes: 1) an in-school partnership between educators and Opera teaching artist of 4 to 12 in-class visits; 2) one three-hour professional development session (includes pre-planning activities); 3) planning meetings between the educators and teaching artist during each visit; and 4) one opera resource of the school’s choice. Grades: K-8 Requirements: 1) A minimum of 2 dedicated educators 2) Educators participate in one 3-hour professional development and ongoing planning meetings Fee: $150 per visit for 4 classes (pro-rated for a smaller or larger number of classes) and $100-$250 per class per opera resource (i.e. $100 for a Costume staff visit; $250 for Dress Rehearsal). This fee is for nearby SF Bay Area Public Schools with 30%+ Socio Economic Disadvantage status. Scholarships are available. Other Schools: Please contact us for fee information. Working together with a San Francisco Opera (SFO) Teaching Artist (TA), participating educators develop individual strategies for opera integration through a multi-step in-school partnership. • Teaching artists will co-lead opera instruction in the classroom with the teacher and participate in ongoing planning meetings. • Teaching artists will act as an ongoing guide for the teachers in arts integration and fulfilling the selected opera resource. • Teaching artists have expertise in opera and more than one of these arts: poetry and scriptwriting, composing, directing, visual art design, singing and stage presentation. Residency teachers participate in one three-hour professional development (PD) session focused on your opera resource choice and connecting it to your classroom curricula. The opera-specific PDs are scheduled within 3 weeks of the dress rehearsal date. The PD session for other opera resources will be scheduled based on teacher availability and will occur at least one week before the first in-school visit. SF Opera offers academic credit (CEUs) through Cal State East Bay for our professional development offerings. This course can be taken for one credit (10 hours of PD), one and a half credits (15 hours of PD), or two credits (20 hours of PD), and costs $89 per unit. You can combine SF Opera PD programs to create your own course. Check the “yes” option on the Application, if you want to learn more.

    Opera ARIA Residency - 2014-2015 Resources

    Please see the list of opera resources below; please choose one resource per Residency. Please note grade level appropriateness indicated. If you think of another resource that matches your area of study better than the list on the next page, please request it under “other” and we will see what we can do (i.e., visit from a Stage Director, visit from members of the SF Opera Chorus, visit from members of the SF Opera Orchestra, visit to the SF Opera Media Suite, lecturer on the history of Opera, interview with a SF Opera Marketing staff member). Verdi’s A Masked Ball Wednesday, October 1, from 6:30-9:30pm (Grade 5 and up) A Swedish king laughs off a fortune teller’s warning of a plot against his life. But when his closest aide discovers the monarch is having an affair with his wife, the threat of assassination becomes real. This tuneful Verdi masterpiece, is “one of the composer’s most hot-blooded and vividly crafted tales.” Handel’s Partenope Saturday, October 11, from 6:00-9:20pm (Grade 5 and up) Disguises and cross-dressing reveal deep truths about the human heart in Handel’s brilliantly entertaining comedy about Queen Partenope of Naples and her three royal suitors, which features one of his greatest scores. Rossini’s Cinderella Wednesday, November 5, from 6:30-9:30pm (Grade 3 and up) Madeleine H. Russell High School Night at the Opera (High School groups are given priority) Thanks to her open heart and determination, Cinderella triumphs over her mean-spirited relatives in Rossini’s sparkling version of the story. Puccini’s La Bohème (This will be a working rehearsal: it may not be fully costumed; there may be interruptions) Wednesday, November 12, from 2:00-4:30pm (grade 4 and up) When an aspiring poet falls in love with a fragile seamstress, their intense passion is only matched by their youthful idealism. Can their tender relationship survive the cruelties of life? Berlioz’s The Trojans Tuesday, June 2, 5:30-11:00pm (Grade 5 and up) One of the largest, most magnificent pieces in the entire repertory, this rarely staged epic is presented here for the first time in 47 years, the way it was originally meant to be seen: two operas—The Fall of Troy and The Trojans at Carthage—in one spectacular evening! The tragic fall of Troy, the passionate love of two great leaders, the urgent pull of destiny: all unfold as part of Berlioz’s visionary masterpiece—French grand opera's answer to Wagner's Ring. Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro Thursday, June 11, 2:00-5:30pm (Grade 5 and up) Mozart's warmest, wisest opera is one of the composer’s most graceful creations—a tender comedy in which a countess and her servant join forces to punish her aristocrat husband for his philandering. In the process, two very different couples learn humbling lessons about life and love. SFO Costume Design In-School Visit, Dates TBD in fall and spring (Kindergarten and up) A professional costume designer from SF Opera’s Costume Shop displays costumes worn onstage at the Opera House and talks with students about how designing clothes for the opera requires special skills and techniques. The designer can also share tricks of the trade and details about their own careers with students. Adler Fellows Visit, Dates TBD in fall and spring (Kindergarten and up) SF Opera’s young artists-in-training perform arias and/or duets in a classroom or auditorium. The repertoire can be from an opera the students are studying. They also conduct a discussion with your students on topics ranging from their careers, to how they train their voice, to how they prepare for roles. A tuned piano is required. Production Artist In-School Visit, Dates TBD in spring (Kindergarten and up) A professional San Francisco Opera production artist talks with students about set and prop design and creation. The production artist will share designs from previous SF Opera productions, as well as interpretations from other designers, and can share the secrets on how they mount giant productions in the War Memorial Opera House! The production artist can tie their visit to whatever opera your class is studying. SFO “Opera in an Hour” Movies, Dates flexible all year long (Kindergarten and up) Bring the Opera House directly into your classroom! “Opera in an Hour” DVDs contain abridged versions of fully staged San Francisco Opera productions filmed live in War Memorial Opera House. The DVDs come with a wealth of special features to engage your students with the opera, including interviews with the creative staff and performers. Corresponding educational materials connect the opera to your curriculum. Opera in an Hour choices include: • Mozart’s The Magic Flute from SF Opera’s Fall 2007 production (in English) • Donizetti’s The Elixir of Love from SF Opera’s Fall 2008 production (in English) • Puccini’s The Girl of the Golden West from SF Opera’s Summer 2010 production (in Italian) • Bizet’s Carmen from SF Opera’s Fall 2011 production (in English) • Rossini’s Barber of Seville from SF Opera’s Fall 2013 production (in English) – availability TBD Other resources to connect opera to your classroom? You tell us. If you think of another resource that matches your area of study better than the list above, please request it and we will see what we can do (i.e. visit from a Stage Director, visit from members of the SF Opera Chorus, visit from members of the SF Opera Orchestra, visit to the SF Opera Media Suite, lecturer on the history of Opera, interview with a SF Opera Marketing staff member).