Summer Camp Application Staff/Volunteer
This application is to be completed by all who wish to participate in Summer Camp at Sumatanga. Failure to complete the form in its entirety will forfeit your consideration for any position.

In the past decade, we have learned much about the abuse of children. Regrettably, this kind of abuse occurs as frequently within as well as outside the parameters of the Christian community. There is no reason to believe that our Camp & Retreat Ministry program is immune from such. The reality is that abuse could happen at any one of our events by either a new or veteran volunteer or staff.

In an effort to protect the welfare of the campers entrusted to us, a Disclosure Section is to be completed by everyone serving in a staff or volunteer capacity within the Summer Camping Program. This will be completed as part of the full online Staff/Volunteer Application, well in advance of the beginning of camp to allow adequate time to preview each individual’s responses. All completed packages will be on permanent file in the office of the Executive Director of Sumatanga. No staff or volunteer is to be involved in our program without their first having completed said form.

In addition to the completed Staff/Volunteer Application, each Application Package must include three letters of recommendation. One of the recommendations must come from your local church pastor. The prepared Staff/Volunteer Recommendation Form used for this purpose can be downloaded from Sumatanga's website. Potential staff or volunteers will print his/her name on the form and give one copy to his/her pastor and the second to a non-relative and the third to a friend. The applicant should provide the persons completing the forms a stamped envelope addressed to Sumatanga for the form to be returned. When returned, these three letters will be stapled to the appropriate Staff/Volunteer Disclosure Form and given to the Executive Director for permanent filing.

While this procedure described cannot guarantee that campers will not be abused, at least we are making a conscientious attempt to do what we can to prevent it from happening. As we provide the best possible program we can, including maintaining the care and welfare of the campers as our first priority, then we can do no less.

Full Application Package for Staff/Volunteers

YEARLY- the following forms need to be completed by ALL:
* Staff/Volunteer Online Application
* Recommendation Form (3 needed)

YEARLY clearances need to be renewed.
* Clearances for Staff and Volunteers can be completed:
* Safe Sanctuary Training for all Staff and Volunteers receiving placement in the Summer Camp program at Sumatanga is required, and will be provided during staff training the end of May. If you are unable to attend the onsite training, you MUST complete training at another location within the conference and provide a certificate of completion to the camp office prior to June 1, 2020. You can check with the conference and district offices as to when training events will be happening.
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