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PLEASE NOTICE: Please ensure that the following email address is correct and you will check it regularly. We will only use this email address to contact you. If you don't answer, we will remove your application from the list.
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For more information on the different conferences, please visit the conference websites: www.predictiveanalyticsworld.de www.deeplearningworld.de www.predictiveanalyticsworldhealthcare.eu and www.predictiveanalyticsworldindustry40.eu
Presentation format *
Opening Keynote (ca. 30 min.): important or visionary topic - only one slot per conference available; Expert Round: multiple short presentations (10 min. for 10 slides) by various experts about one common topic followed by a joint discussion & Q&A session; Table Discussion (~50 min.): discussion round with the participants on a topic specified and moderated by the speaker; Corona Community Pitch (~10 min.): short presentation of your open source or community project to fight the corona crisis.
Title of presentation *
Short title, which attracts the attention of the participants and specifies what the participants can expect from your presentation; please do not include any buzzwords or brand names and for case studies include the name of the company (very important!). You find best practice examples on the online agendas of the past events. (maximum of 100 characters)
Description of presentation *
Please describe: Why is your topic important? What will you tell the audience? What will the participants learn from your presentation? What are the key takeaways? Please formulate complete sentences! Think of the session description as a teaser text that attracts visitors for your presentation. The text will be published online and on the conference agenda. You find best practice examples on the online agendas of the past events. (maximum of 500 characters)
Further Experts
Please name further experts who could join the session to discuss your topic and why they should join. As alternative you can add an expert as co-speaker on the following pages if she / he could also contribute a (part of the) presentation.
Anything else you want us to know? Any references or publications? Links to videos of past presentations of yours? Why you are the right person for the topic?
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