BSG Game Checkout form
BSG will be taking game checkouts with the use of this form to keep ours collection organized and helpful for all members to know what games are available. Since some games may not be physically at the clubhouse, this form has the ability to adjust the game list based on what is checked out.

Note that only PAID members are allowed to check games out and we ask that games should only be checked out for 2 weeks at a time to allow others a chance to play them as well. We are also asking that you check out only 2 games at a time as well.

If you have any questions about this process, please let us know at
Full Name *
Phone Number - used for text notification that your game is ready *
Are you a paid club member? *
Pick which game you would like to checkout? Note that you can only pick 1 game per submission. This is on purpose as it will create a single line item for each game for an officer to process. Thank you! *
Pick a specific FRIDAY for pickup - NOTE THAT WE ARE ONLY AVAILABLE FRIDAYS from 6-8PM *
In order to check out a game, you must agree to the terms set by BSG where the club holds all rights and permissions to allow/deny checkout of games left at the club based on expired memberships, failure to return previous games in a timely manner, quality in which games are returned, and any other unspecified reason at the club officers voted discretion. If you DO NOT agree, please close this form now without submitting. *
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