End of Year Questionnaire
How long have you been a student in LODI? *
Why did you choose this course?
Please tell me which class period you were in this year. *
How often did you visit the website this past school year? *
Honestly, how often did you read the chapter before doing the reading checks (or chapter questions for AP) ? *
How did making the reading due on Sunday night work for you? *
Would you be more or less likely to do the reading if they were due on Friday? *
What would make you (or another student) more likely to do the readings? (Quiz? , pre-lecture? Something else?) *
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This class studied History Chronologically, meaning we started with the earliest time period and moved ahead in time. Do you think it would be better THEMATICALLY (looking at multiple events that seem to share a common idea)? *
Student Contribution *
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My Level of effort
My level of skill/knowledge at start of course
My level of skill/knowledge now
How ready I felt to take the AP Test
How has my skill/knowledge improved since taking this class?
Did you enjoy taking the class? *
How well do you feel the class prepared you for a higher level class or college? *
After taking it, What score do you think you achieved on this year's AP US History Exam? *
Course content *
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
Learning objectives were clear
Course content was organized and well planned
Course workload was appropriate
Course organized to allow all students to participate fully
What aspects of this course were most useful or Valuable? *
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Skill and responsiveness of the instructor
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
Instructor was an effective lecturer/demonstrator
Presentations were clear and organized
Instructor stimulated student interest
Instructor effectively used time during class periods
Instructor was available and helpful
Grading was prompt and had useful feedback
Instructor made me feel liked and welcome
Did you like the "Extra" material sent by the instructor? (motivational or ancillary information)
I find Mr. Tuttle... *
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How organized are you as a student? *
How organized was Mr. Tuttle? *
Discipline in Mr. Tuttle's class is *
How would you rate these individual lessons? *
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I did not benefit from this lesson
I learned from this lesson but did not enjoy it
I enjoyed this lesson but did not feel I learned from it
I enjoyed this lesson and Learned from it
Treaty of Versailles Activity (MP 1)
Propaganda Poster Analysis (MP2)
Student Taught Lesson (MP2)
Group DBQ Writing Labs (MP 1,2,&3)
TED Talk(MP4)
Lectures were... *
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Should be deleted from the course
Too Much
About right
Too Little
Time Consumed Overall
Book Content Covered
Analysis (not in the book)
Side Stories,Tangents, Personal Questions
Would you recommend a friend take this class in the future. *
Please write any comments you feel might make me a better teacher next year AND/OR how would you improve this course? *
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