WDFOA - Rules Quiz: Week 8 (2019)
Question 1
A1 receives the snap in shotgun formation, and completes a legal forward pass to A2. Prior to the pass, guard A3 attempts to block defensive lineman B1 behind the line of scrimmage, but A3 slightly grasps B1's face mask before immediately releasing the face mask. *
Question 2
A2 runs with the ball to the left side. B1 attempts to tackle A2, but grasps and turns A2's face mask at B's 40-yard line. After B1 releases A2's face mask, A2 continues running and steps out of bounds at B's 30-yard line. *
Question 3
A1 runs with the ball to the right side, and then steps out at A's 35-yard line. During the run, A2 holds B1. *
Question 4
A1 runs with the ball up the middle of the field, and is tackled in bounds. After the play, an official's timeout is taken for an apparent injury to A34. *
Question 5
On third down and 10, A3 runs for 11 yards. Directly after the play, A59 unnecessarily pushes B4 to the ground. *
Question 6
Fourth and 2 on B's 25-yard line. A1 is tackled at the B's 24 yard-line, short of the line to gain, and B2 then piles on. *
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