Quarantine Film Challenge Audience Choice Awards Voting!
The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we all live, but it hasn't slowed down creativity.  The Quarantine Film Challenge was created to give filmmakers worldwide an opportunity to tell stories about or inspired by their experience during the pandemic.  Watch and vote on your favorite films produced by filmmakers around the world for the Quarantine Film Challenge every week! These films will make you laugh, cry and feel what it’s like to be in someone else’s house, mind, or creative imagination during this worldwide crisis.

Consider contributing $1 to $100 to help us keep the Quarantine Film Challenge going!

Contribute to the #QuarantineFC via Paypal:  paypal.com/filmconsortium
Contribute to the #QuarantineFC via Venmo:  @filmconsd

The Quarantine Film Challenge was created in partnership with Panasonic LUMIX, KPBS, and the San Diego International Airport Arts Program.
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