Spring 2019 Writing About Dance Submission

This form asks guiding questions to help you structure your response. Preferably, complete the form immediately after watching a performance. This assignment is Due Wednesday, March 27 (before your Spring Break).


(You may complete one (1) Extra Credit, too)

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Critique This Performance: Let's Dance Arts Festival Event
The Let's Dance event is taking place in conjunction with the
East Los Angeles College Festival of the Arts
Thursday, March 21st at 5:00pm
S2-Recital Hall for Dance and Music
or Critique This Performance: LDC's 14th Repertoire Dance Concert
Let's Dance Company's
14th Repertoire Dance Concert
Friday and Saturday May 17 & 18 at 7:00PM
S2-Recital Hall for Dance and Music
or Critique the following video from a 1998 Movie.
The dance scene between Vanessa and Chayanne. Made only for entertainment. No infringement intended. all rights belong to the owner.
Dance With Me Dance Scene Vanessa Williams & Chayanne
ANSWER THIS Identifying Information About the Piece
The following questions are to Introduce to you mandatory elements of a Live Dance Performance Critique that are required within the first paragraph of your Critique. YOU MAY NEED TO DO SOME LIGHT RESEARCH.
What is the Section of this Piece your are Critiquing? *
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What is the specific identifying information about the piece you are critiquing? *
Who is the Choreographer? What Music was used? Where and When was this particular performance of the piece?
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What more do you know about anyone in the piece you are critiquing? Have you done any more research on the dancer in the selected piece? *
Be creative and expressive. Include significant information you have found out.
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What was the most unique component of this performance of this piece for you? *
Be creative and expressive; this would become the interest-grabbing first part of your performance review, which will lead you to the focus of a strong Topic/Theme as you structure your Essay, if you do that for extra credit later in the semester.
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Evaluating the Quality of the Performance
Select the one sentence in EACH category that best describes your experience while viewing this piece in the show you have attended, or write-in a substantial response.
Performance Level *
Describe how well the performers delivered the intent. SELECT ONE
The impact of the choreography *
Was the design of the movement enjoyable? SELECT ONE
Staging Effectiveness *
Describe how the costumes, sets or any other props affected your perception of the performance. SELECT ONE
Personal Response *
Did the performance interest or excite you? Did it make you want to dance? SELECT ONE
Use of Elements of Dance *
Were Groups, Solos and Duets were used effectively? How did the movement relate to the music? SELECT ONE
Descriptions of Your Opinions About the Performance
Be thorough and descriptive, as if you were trying to convince someone to go see this performance.
Thoroughly describe why you made both your best and your worst comments about the components of this performance. *
Use language typical of aesthetic evaluation.
Your answer
What made this choreography stylistically unique?? *
Compared to other forms of Dance you have seen...Thoroughly describe your response.
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What do you think about the overall performance of this piece? Do you know anything more about the dancer? *
Thoroughly describe your response.
Your answer
Describe the effectiveness of the choreography for the Dancer. *
Again, you may need to do some light research to find names and information about your favorite dancer in the piece.
Your answer
What was the most motivating part of this choreography for you? What made it exciting or interesting? *
Your final opinion about this piece. Would you recommend seeing it to a friend?
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