Partial Grade Submission
The UCD Registrar has declined to create a method of partial grade submission where instructors can submit the final grades for students who need them while leaving all other grades unsubmitted, as was done at UCSC. As a result, all courses where students need grades will have to submit full grade sheets, where any blank grades will be converted to a No Grade (NG) designation by the Registrar.

NGs stay until the end of the following quarter, at which point they are converted to Fs if they are not replaced. HOWEVER, they can be replaced with the appropriate letter grade at any point before the end of next quarter (Spring 2020), with a notation that the grade has been switched on the transcript. So far, we have not found any info to suggest that having a NG that is replaced has a negative impact on GPA or on official transcripts for employment, grad school, etc., and are welcoming additional info on the matter.

Please use the form below to indicate if you need/want your final grade to be entered for the course, OR if you are OK with receiving a temporary NG for this class. I am not going to take on calculated risks for anyone other than myself without the explicit consent of y'all, whose grades and transcripts are involved.

The deadline for final grades for this course is 72 hours from the official final exam period, but I would like to have everyone to fill this out by [X DATE BEFORE DEADLINE] so I have all the info ready to go before deadline.

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to be informed of your grade unofficially after filling out a FERPA waiver, please email me at [email].
Please provide your name so I know whose grades need to be submitted: *
How would you like your final grade to be submitted? *
Do you have any questions or comments re: the grading strike, or any info re: NGs that later get replaced?
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