Vocabulary Exercises - User Satisfaction Survey
Thank you for using the UCL CLIE Vocabulary Exercises. We hope you have enjoyed using the application and you have learned new vocabulary and useful phrases. As this tool is being constantly developed and improved and is now in a testing phase, we would be very grateful to receive feedback from you to understand the experience you have had while using the application and identify areas of improvement.

This questionnaire is anonymous and will only take few minutes to complete. We appreciate your comments and feedback.

1a. Have you encountered any technical issues while using Vocabulary Exercises?
1b. If you answered "Yes" above, please provide details
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2a. How much did you feel you have learned while using the Vocabulary Exercises?
I feel I have not learned anything new
I feel I have learned a lot - as much as I could have learned in the time I spent using the application.
2b. If you have any comments regarding how much you have learned, please provide them below:
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3a. Did you enjoy using the Vocabulary Builder?
I did not enjoy using it at all
I enjoyed it a lot - it's a really cool way to learn!
3b. Please provide comments on your answer above (optional)
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4. Which types of exercises did you enjoy?
5a. Which types of exercises did you not enjoy or found frustrating?
5b. If you did not like any of the exercises above, please tell us why.
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6. Do you have any suggestions, comments or ideas for improvements?
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