Survey for Residents - Understanding Food Insecurity in Gainsborough

Locality has been commissioned by Gainsborough Local Access Programme to conduct research around food insecurity in Gainsborough.

'Food insecurity' refers to the inability to consistently afford, access and utilise the food needed to maintain good health and wellbeing.

This piece of research is really important, as it aims to inform future strategies and approaches to better support residents in Gainsborough facing food insecurity

This survey has been designed specifically for residents who are already accessing support through food banks, food pantries or other food-based services, or who may be facing food insecurity. We really value your time to complete this survey - we want your experiences, views and insights to be heard.


Healthy food - refers to the food needed to maintain good health and wellbeing. The NHS demonstrates this with The Eatwell Guide, showing the variety of foods needed to achieve a healthy, balanced diet.

Access (to healthy food) - refers to the ability to access a range of foods and includes being able to travel to supermarkets, food banks and other food services, and the availability of a range of foods nearby.

Affordability (of healthy food) - refers to the ability to pay for a range of foods.

Utilisation (of healthy food) - refers to the ability to the ability to store, prepare and cook a range of foods, including having the equipment, skills and knowledge to do so.

Culturally appropriate food - refers to foods that meet the diverse tastes and needs of individuals based on their cultural identity.


We welcome everyone to participate in this survey anonymously. However, if you would like to share your email address, we will use this to communicate the findings of the research with you, and we will remove your details from our database after this time. We will collect and store your answers for further analysis in support of the research, but where an email address is given, answers will not be associated with this information.

Personal information including date of birth, employability status and household information are asked purely for the purpose of the research, to understand how food insecurity impacts different groups within the community.

Further information on Locality's privacy policy can be found at: Privacy Policy - Locality.

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