The Femdom Hunt VII -- Vendor Application Form
Please fill out this form fully. If you have any problems with any of the questions, please contact Antony Fairport or AnnaCreed Resident and we'll do our best to help.
Full Second Life user name
Please enter your Second Life user name, not your display name. This is the name we'll use in search so we can contact you.
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Other contacts
Please list the full Second Life user name of any other contacts for your store. Please use their full user name, not their display name. This is the name we'll use in search so we can reach them.
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Store Name
Please enter the name of your store, as you'd like it to appear on any hunt material
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Location SLURL
Please give the SLURL of the landing point you want used in the hunt -- this will be used to make your landmark for the hunt. Please try and test this before entering it here -- you don't want people landing in your workshop or on your build platform by mistake.
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Type of store
Please give a brief description of your store. For example, tell us a little about the sorts of products you sell.
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Store blog or website
We'd like to publish the URL for your blog or website as part of the hunt material. If you have either, tell us here which you'd like promoted.
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What is your hunt gift?
If you know what your hunt gift will be, or if you have a vague idea what it'll be, please tell us here. Don't worry, we're not going to hold you to it. It just gives us an idea of what sort of thing you might offer.
Your answer
Land rating for your store
Please tell us the maturity rating for the land that your store sits on. Please note we are not accepting stores at PG locations.
Is age verification required?
Do avatars have to be age verified with Linden Lab to gain access to your store? REMEMBER: Being on an adult region is not the same as needing age verification. Age verification is something different.
Is the region a "Skill Gaming" region?
Is the region where your store is located registered with, or intending to be registered with, Linden Lab as a skill gaming region? (See if you are unsure what a Skill Gaming region is). Don't worry if you're unsure, this is just to help us anticipate any problems people might have getting to your location.
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