Jazz Un-Workshop Application
COMPLETE THE STEPS BELOW. If you have questions on the application, please contact dbloomjazz@gmail.com. We will contact you with additional information once we have reviewed your application.
1. Please complete all questions below by MONDAY, JUNE 3 11:59 PM.
2. Please submit the 3 videos as described in the final question.
3. Payment will be due upon your acceptance to the program.
First Name
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Last Name
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High School
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Main Instrument
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In order to attend (tuition $500)
How do you want other people to feel when they hear your music? (100 words or less)
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What do you want to learn at the Jazz Un-Workshop?
How much do you practice each week
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How often do you play with others and for how long?
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To complete your application, you will need to share 3 videos. Please choose how you will share these 3 videos:
Video #1: Playing C, B, and Eb major scales using eighth notes, eighth-note triplets and sixteenth notes.
Video #2: Playing the song "C Jam Blues" at quarter note = 120 Head, two choruses improvised, and the head
Video #3: Play first 8 bars of "Body and Soul" (melody only), then improvise on first 8 bars
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