Puppy Rescue Mission/Sasha's Legacy Adoption & Foster Questionnaire
Please note: if you are serving overseas and would like to rescue an animal you saved, please contact Anna@ThePuppyRescueMission.org for the appropriate application.

If you wish to adopt from us, please complete the following questions. Thank you!

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What ideal age are you looking to adopt? *
Why do you wish to adopt this pet? *
Is everyone in your household in agreement with the decision to adopt a pet? *
What type of home do you live in? Single family, townhouse, apartment, farm, etc *
If you rent, do you have (or can you get) written permission from the property owner to adopt a pet? *
If applicable: If you do not own your home, please provide home owner/manager's name and phone number (or be prepared to provide it later)
Please describe your household: *
Do you have any restrictions on breed or size of dog? If rescued from overseas our dogs are Anatolian Shepherd mixes (Afghanistan, Turkey), Basenji/Saluki/Canaan mixes (African countries), mixed breed street dogs (Romania) and other ancient breeds which may not be common in the US. *
How many cats do you currently have and can you give a brief description of them? *
How many dogs do you currently have and can you give a brief description of them? *
Are all of your pets spayed or neutered? *
Please list if some are and some are not.
Are all of your pets current on their vaccinations? *
Are all of your dogs on heartworm preventatives? *
Name and phone number of your current veterinarian: *
Are there any children living full time or part time in your household? *
If yes please include age of children
Does anyone in the household have animal allergies? *
If yes, how do you plan to manage this issue? Our dogs are not hypoallergenic and do shed.
Do you have a fenced-in yard? *
If yes please describe type of fence and height (chain link, stockage, wireless, privacy wood, etc). While a fence is not a requirement to adopt from us in general, certain dogs we place WILL require a fence. See email, or ask us, for details on the dog you are applying for.
If you do not have a fenced-in yard, how would you plan to attend to the dog's exercise and toilet needs? *
Where will the dog primarily be kept during the day/while at work? *
Number of hours daily (average) pet may spend alone? *
Where will the pet sleep at night? *
Do you have regular visitors to your home with which your new pet must get along with?   *
If so, please describe (i.e. you run a daycare and the dog must like all the children)
Do you have regular animal visitors to your home with which your new pet must get along with? *
If so, please describe (i.e. you regularly sit for your family members dogs/cats)
Who will have primary responsibility for this pet's ongoing care? *
Who will have financial responsibility for this pet? *
Have you ever been convicted or an animal welfare law violation such as neglect, cruelty, abandonment, etc? *
If Yes, please explain
Have you ever given up or re-homed a pet in the past? *
If yes, please explain the circumstances
Have you ever had a pet euthanized? *
If so, please explain circumstances
Have you ever lost a pet due to an accident (run over by a car, etc)? *
If yes, Please explain circumstances.
Can you afford veterinary care, grooming, emergency expenses, supplies and food for the lifetime of this pet? *
What type of food do you feed your current pets and what is your typical feeding schedule? *
What are your plans for training your pet if needed? *
How do you discipline your pets? *
Have you faced any training challenges with previous dogs? If yes, please elaborate on your experiences. *
What reason(s) might cause you to return this pet to us after you adopt it, if approved? *
Examples: Digging, barking, shedding. Note: Information regarding the history, health and behavior of our adopted animals may not be available or accurate. We provide with you all the information we have available, which varies by animal.
Are you aware of this aspect of rescuing a dog and are you willing to give the pet a fair chance in your home (some adjustments can take at least 6 months) and willing to ask for assistance or research training techniques when needed? *
Do you agree to contact Puppy Rescue Mission/Sasha's Legacy if you can no longer keep this animal? This is a requirement and is in our contract. We stand behind our rescues FOR LIFE. *
Are you willing to let a volunteer visit your home by appointment to conduct a home visit? *
Are you able to make a donation/adoption fee to Puppy Rescue Mission donate toward your adopted pet? *
Please see email from Adoption Team with current information on this as it may change frequently.
How did you hear about The Puppy Rescue Mission & Sasha's Legacy? *
**Please note that it can take 2 to 4 weeks, or longer, for the dog to adjust to your home and family. The dog may show behaviors that were not displayed in their previous environment. The first few weeks are an adjustment phase for everyone. It takes patience, understanding and routine to make this adjustment as smooth as possible. We are here to help you along the way and are available to assist in training advice if needed. It is never easy to be in a new place and for a lot of our dogs, they have NEVER had a real home.  We have a support group available on Facebook for adopters only.  Please request to be added if you are not asked by one of the Adoption Team Members. *
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Requirements for Adopting from Puppy Rescue Mission/Sasha’s Legacy *
Requirements for Adopting from Puppy Rescue Mission/Sasha’s Legacy *If you adopt a dog or cat that is not spayed or neutered, you’re required to spay/neuter the animal once he/she arrives. If adopting a cat for you will keep him/her indoors and not have it declawed. You must return the animal to us if you were no longer able to keep him/her. You must not sell the animal, bring it to a shelter or put on Craigslist or similar sites. You would not give the dog to anyone else without the permission of Puppy Rescue Mission/Sasha’s Legacy. You would not euthanize the animal for any reason except in the case the animal’s terminal illness or injury, or old age accompanied by pain and suffering and in that case, the euthanasia must be performed by a licensed veterinarian. You are responsible for providing proper shelter, food, water, exercise, medical care and humane treatment at all times for your companion animal. You are responsible for registering the animals’ microchip (or having one placed if animal does not come with one already implanted) and keeping contact information current. You will be required to sign a contract with Puppy Rescue Mission/Sasha’s Legacy if proposed adoption is approved by Puppy Rescue Mission/Sasha’s Legacy and accepted by you.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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