LIMG Holiday Boxes
These Holiday Boxes are the perfect fun little gifts for your children! They are filled with magic and guaranteed to make them smile :) You have the choice between the Christmas Box or the Hanukkah Box. The Christmas Eve Box makes a great "last arrival" of your elf! Let your Elf bring this box on Christmas Eve morning, and the kids have all of these fun activities to do throughout the day!
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🎅🏻 Personalized Letter from either Santa or your Elf on the Shelf
⛄NEW THIS YEAR - A Snowman Craft!
🎅🏻Reindeer Food
🎅🏻Snowman Soup
🎅🏻Santa's Magic Key (a real skeleton key!)
🎅🏻Mini Coloring Book and Christmas Crayons
🎅🏻Christmas Book
🎅🏻More Surprise Goodies!

Each additional child is $3 & will include these extras:
🎅🏻An Additional Craft
🎅🏻Snowman Soup
🎅🏻Mini Coloring Book and Christmas Crayons

✡ Personalized Official Good Behavior Notification
✡ A Fun Menorah Craft
✡ Hanukkah Activity Book
✡ Hanukkah Puzzle
✡ Gelt
✡ Dreidel with the Rules
✡ A Special Treat
✡ More Surprise Goodies!

Each additional child is $3 & will include these extras:
✡ An Additional Craft
✡ Gelt
✡ Dreidel

**Items inside of the boxes are limited and we reserve the right to replace them with another item when out of stock.**

If you need to order additional boxes, please complete a new form for each box.
If you have questions, please reach out to Lindsay Aliseo on Facebook or email
Email address *
Your Name: *
Your Cell Phone Number (for texting any questions): *
Would you like to purchase a Christmas Box or Hanukkah Box? *
How many children OVER the age of ONE is this box for? *
Please list the first name of each child. This will be printed on the letter inside of the box and the tag on the outside of the box. **If you have any children under the age of ONE, please put an asterisk before those names. They are added onto the tag and letter for free, and we don't add any extras in the box for them** *
Please choose ONLY THREE "Good Behaviors" to list on the letter inside of the box. These would be behaviors that ALL children listed on the one letter will be recognized for. *
Christmas Boxes: Is this box from your Elf on the Shelf or from Santa? *
Christmas Boxes: If you answered Elf on the Shelf, please list your Elf's name(s) here. If you do not complete this section, your box will automatically be from Santa.
Christmas Boxes: Do you want the Magic Key? The magic key is left outside for Santa on Christmas Eve, so that he can use it to enter the house and leave presents. Some families that have a chimneys do NOT want the key. *
Shipping/Pick Up: We have designated days for putting together these boxes, and have specific pick up dates for your needs. Pick Up 1 is closed. Pick Up 2 is designated for Hanukkah Boxes only. Pick up 3 is for those using the Christmas box to arrive with the Elf on Christmas Eve morning. Pick up is in Massapequa Park, and the address will be emailed to you one week prior to your pick up date. If you need your box shipped, please check the appropriate box and move to the next question. *
Please ship my box for an additional $5.00 to my address on Long Island. **Below enter your full name and address. *** Please note delivery dates as follows... Christmas Boxes ordered AFTER Nov 13, will ship on Dec 14. ALL Hanukkah Boxes will ship on Dec 3. *
All payments must be made by Venmo and within 24 hours of completing your form. We only make a limited amount of boxes and always have a waitlist. If your box is not paid for within the 24 hour time period, you forfeit your box and we go to the waitlist. PLEASE REFER TO QUESTION #5 FOR YOUR TOTAL DUE. If you have opted for shipping, please make sure to add it to your total. **If you do not have Venmo, but wish to purchase a box, please text Lindsay after submitting this form 516-987-2948.** *
Please first request to be Lindsay's 'Venmo Friend', then Venmo Lindsay your payment at the QR code below. You MUST add either Hanukkah Box or Christmas Box PLUS your name AND email in the comments of the payment. Thank you! 🎅🏻✡⛄❤
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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