Tufts v. Penn
Tufts in RED Penn in BLACK. Here is the video link https://forms.gle/humctQZM5zAv19rz9
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Who won the start? *
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Assess starting line favor *
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After both over early boats re-start, they seem somewhat even. Which boat then makes a crucial error? *
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What error (if any) was made? *
At 3:26, Black 5 tacks. Why do you think they tacked? At 3:26, was that a good or bad move? *
Which black boat rounds mark 1 in first? *
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You are Boat 1 at 4:49. What do you do (tactically) then and there? *
Given the monstrous wind shift and uneven beat, what might you be able to predict about the first offset leg? *
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What team sails a better first offset? *
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Why did you choose the answer to the previous question? *
What play was Red in downwind for most of the leg? *
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Stop the video at 12:34. At this point, what boat among all has made the biggest potential error? *
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What error was that? *
You can say this about boat 1 on the final beat *
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You are the coach of Red afterward. What is your de-brief? *
You are the coach of Black (Penn) afterward. What is your de-brief? *
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