Computational thinking tasks as Gaeilge,  Solutions and feedback form for teachers (week 1)
Please submit this form to gain access to the solutions for week 1 of the computational thinking (CT) tasks as Gaeilge.

Answering each question is voluntary. However, answering the questions helps us to improve our teacher resources and gives us feedback on the level of interest in using different types of resources.

The CT tasks our materials are based on originate from the international Bebras initiative ( and have been modified by the PACT team from Maynooth University Department of Computer Science ( This set of tasks was translated into Irish by the Maynooth University Department of Modern Irish.

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Online CT quizes
Individual CT tasks available on-line
Paper copies of printed CT workbooks
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Online CT workbooks for students to complete using a computer or a tablet
Paper copies of posters to run CT group activity in class (CT Obstacle Course)
Borrowing a set of 15 CT board games with instructions to use in class
Lesson plans for outdoor active CT games for PE classes
CT materials in Irish
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