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GISTEM is a nonprofit organization that influences and inspires girls to thrive in academic disciplines and careers in which the gender gap persists to help expand their minds, their future and our STEM community. Our goal is to be an advocate for girls’ interest in the academic disciplines that can be problematic due to the lack of resources in the public school systems. We want to ensure that each girl has the experience that is required to be successful, and the confidence to know that she has what it takes to impact the STEM community.


1. Online GiSTEMChats

GiSTEMChats is a platform to allow girls have professional insight, advice and knowledge of how to pursue STEM. We know that life and STEM go hand in hand. This encourages us to give our guidance and expertise in how to handle pressure from life and pursue goals needed to be successful in STEM. We allow this to be a transparent sessions in dealing with real life issues and exposing girls to STEM Professionals that can encourage their journey into STEM. Are interested in volunteering? We are looking for some just like YOU!

2. GiSTEMpact

GiSTEMpact is our way of impacting the community and organizations! This is our outreach to attract all people to STEM. If you are interested in impacting the next generation, we encourage you to join the team. All are welcomed!

3. GiSTEM Week

GiSTEM Week is our week-long STEM program. We will have professionals from the STEM fields discuss their STEM career journey- including their roles at their respective companies, any challenges and advice to help the participants in their own journey. Participants will be exposed to hands on activities and real-world problems to teach transferable STEM skills. If you are a STEM professional or interested in assisting during GiSTEM Week, we can not wait to have you!

4. Other GiSTEM Opportunities

We have various opportunities whether it is fundraising, career development planning, assisting your services, STEM resources, and more! We welcome you to be part of moving the next generation of STEM professionals forward!

Let us know in the volunteer application how you’d like to get involved!!!

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