UGA Gamma Chi Application 2018
The applicant must be a University of Georgia undergraduate student who is an initiated member of a Panhellenic
sorority represented at UGA.

The applicant must be in good standing within their sorority.

The applicant must have participated in Recruitment as a member of the sorority at least one time.

2018 Gamma Chis will be expected to do the following:
1.) Participate in a Spring Semester training program
2.) Participate in a Pre-Recruitment training program (August 3-5, 2018)
3.) Participate in Fall Recruitment in its entirety (August 6-12, 2018)
4.) Live in a facility designated for Gamma Chis only during Recruitment
5.) Abide by all rules and regulations governing conduct for Gamma Chis
6.) Disaffiliate herself from her chapter and sisters as early as May 1
7.) Perform any and all other duties as needs arise

**If you cannot attend every single day of Pre-Recruitment training AND Fall Recruitment, unfortunately you may not apply.**

Training Program
All Gamma Chis must participate in a series of meetings during the Spring Semester. These meetings will be once a month on Tuesday nights at 7:30pm, location TBD.

All Gamma Chis will also be required to report for training up to 4 days before the arrival of the Potential New Members for Fall Recruitment.

Applications must be submitted by Monday, November 6, 2017 at 12:00pm. Late applications WILL NOT be accepted under any circumstances.

** It is mandatory that each sorority send a minimum of 7 applicants. **
The selection process involves several stages, including selection based on application and interviews.

Sign-ups for interview times will be posted on the door of the Panhellenic office on October 31.

Dates for the second round of interviews will be at the start of spring semester. Attire will be business casual and interviews will be in groups with each interview lasting 20-30 minutes.

**Further questions can be directed to Elizabeth in the GLO at 706.542.4612**

Contact Information
Full Name
Sorority (Type out full name)
Cell Phone
Year in School
Cumulative GPA
Did you pledge at UGA?
If yes, what year and semester?
Did you transfer to UGA?
If yes, from what institution, what year and semester?
Initiation Semester and Year
Have you been a recruitment counselor before?
T - Shirt Size
Vest Size
College Activities and Honors
Please complete the following questions in a way that you feel most appropriate. Remember, the best responses are those that truly reflect your individual thoughts, opinions, and personality, not the ones that are “expected” or “typical”. Good luck!
Upload a copy of your resumé (doc or pdf only)
1. Why do you believe you should be chosen to be a Gamma Chi? Also, what motivates you to apply for Gamma Chi? If you are applying as a returner, explain why you would be a valuable asset during training and recruitment.
2. Briefly describe your personal recruitment experience. Comment on positive aspect(s) of recruitment at UGA and make at least one suggestion on how recruitment could be improved.
3. Define “integrity” and explain how it relates to the role of the Gamma Chi. Please include integrity as it relates to Recruitment with adhering to recruitment rules, interacting with sororities, and leading your PNM groups.
4. Explain the importance of Gamma Chi disaffiliation.
5. An enormous responsibility of being a Gamma Chi is guiding potential new members through this emotional UGA experience. How do you plan on leading a group of 15-20 PNMs? How do you plan on balancing your group so all voices are heard?
After completing this application, please read the following statement and initial.

I hereby agree to the following rules, responsibilities, and regulations of conduct throughout my tenure as a 2018 Gamma Chi and, if selected, will completely disassociate myself from my organization during the designated time. I have also reviewed the training dates and can commit to these time slots.

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