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We welcome all resources by, for, or about trauma, abuse, or assault survivors. A resource is a broad term and can include anything, such as books, hotlines, organisations, artwork, zines, podcasts, music, and more. You can submit recommendations of resources by other creators, or original content by you or a group you're involved in. We reserve the right not to include any submission in the library. If you can't answer any questions or they don't apply to you, please put "N/A".

Everything written in this form will be publicly available in the online and physical library unless you request otherwise at the end of the form. If you wish to remain anonymous, please use an anonymous e-mail address.

If you have any feedback, questions, or comments about any part of this form, please email us at We recognise that we may be unaware that some of the terminology we have included, especially in our tags, could be disputed, problematic, insensitive, limited, simplistic, outdated, or oppressive - if you are able, please let us know so we can correct these.

If you wish to have your own work removed or to submit a complaint regarding someone else's work, email us.
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Title or Name of item *
e.g. Title of a book, name of an organisation.
Medium/Type *
For example: Book, film, website, painting, poem, support group, organisation, hotline, etc.
Materials *
If relevant, include materials (e.g. oil painting, type of film).
Creator(s) names and pronouns *
Anyone who was involved with making the resource (if they want to be included), for example authors, artists, publishers, directors, organisations, etc. Include pronouns if you know them, please don't make assumptions.
Year(s) created *
Does this resource have any relationship with Scotland? *
Let us know if anyone involved with the creation of this resource is based in Scotland; if the resource serves any community/communities in Scotland; or anything else that may be relevant to Scotland. If this doesn't apply to you, put N/A.
Location(s) *
Include any information you wish (if you don't, put N/A) on location(s) relevant to this resource. This could be communities it serves, where creators are from or live, places that are discussed in the resource, etc.
Does this resource have anything to do with Covid-19? *
Examples include: Resources such as services created to support people specifically during the pandemic; creative projects about Covid-19. If so, please explain how.
Description *
Submission for online library *
Please provide a link to your submission. If you wish to send a file additionally (for example pdf, image, etc) please send it to titled "Submission File" alongside this form.
Are you donating anything physical in addition to the online entry? *
If you wish to send a physical copy or document, please e-mail us for an address
Your contact information/Social media
Do you want your submission shared on social media? *
If yes, please let us know if you have any preferences for sharing on social media.
For example: Tagging your profile(s), including or not including certain parts of the submission, etc. If you wish you can send us a post you have already made and we can repost it, or we can use another image and link to your resource without reposting. You can also email us a pre-written post to
Other details
Please include any of the following if known (or N/A if not): Year created/published, publisher (or self published), location of publisher/author, contact information, website, anything else relevant you want to include.
We are developing a tagging system for our online library to aid in searching for resources, it is a work in progress that includes tags from submissions and suggestions by survivors. Below we have distinguished between tags that apply to the creators/authors of a submission and the content of the submission.

Please select all tags you are aware of and comfortable having linked with the submission you have made. You can enter additional tags under "other" as comma separated entries.

If you have any feedback, questions, or comments about any of the tags (or any part of this form), please include it in response to "Anything else you wish to include:" below, or email us
We recognise that we may be unaware that some of the terminology we have included could be disputed, problematic, insensitive, outdated, or oppressive - if you are able, please let us know so we can correct these.
Tags about the submission content *
Please select any/all that apply that you are aware of.
Tags about the creators *
Please select any/all that apply that you are aware of.
Other tags
If you have any other tags to recommend, please include them here, separated by semicolons.
Notes on potentially problematic or controversial content *
Please let us know whether you are aware of any potentially problematic or controversial content by including markers for the item (e.g. page numbers, timestamps) and description. This may include but is not limited to the discussion or promotion of: transphobia, racism, anti-sex work sentiments, fatphobia, ableism, misogyny, classism, abuse or assault apologism, homophobia, biphobia, or anti-LGBTQIA sentiments, medical diagnoses and medication, any oppressive behaviour or content, or content created by people who have been abusive.
Anything else you wish to include:
Please specify if anything you have put in this form shouldn't be in the public libraries:
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