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Thank you for taking the AROS Student Assignment Survey. Before you begin, you can read more about our position statements on the JCPS Student Assignment Plan here: https://tinyurl.com/StudentAssignmentPositions.
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Do you value creating diversity in each of our schools -both for their positive contribution to our community’s future and for their tangible value for increased student learning, especially for those living in poverty?
Would you support the reduction of entrance and exit requirements for magnet schools and special school programs in order to improve access to these programs for many interested, but under-performing students of color and/or students living in poverty?
Would you support JCPS correcting the current racial inequity in nonvoluntary busing, solely for greater school diversity, of African American West End students across the county? A current proposal would provide these students with a parallel choice-- a West End school as a guaranteed option. The receiving school will require additional budget allocations.
Would you support additional local revenues, beyond inflation, for specific resources and proven programs closely matched to the specific needs of each school’s students?
Nationally, between 19% and 30% of new teachers leave teaching within their first five years. Providing intensive teacher support and mentoring cuts first-year losses alone by more than half. Would you support creating a Teacher Residency Program that brings Master teachers in to mentor and team teach with new teachers in their early years, particularly in schools with large numbers of at-risk students?
Would you support focusing replication of popular school programs, like magnets, in predominantly nonwhite and/or low-income neighborhoods? This would further drive increased diversity at schools through voluntary means.
Great teachers with adequate time and resources are the basis for student success. Would you support instituting teacher-developed Teacher Magnets for struggling schools – for example, using smaller class sizes, low student/teacher ratios, team teaching and more planning time to attract experienced teachers to these schools?
More than 90% of students from families who submit their choice applications on time are selected for their first or second choice school. Those who apply after the deadline are far less likely to be selected for their choice schools. Those late applications have come disproportionately from struggling low-income and minority households. Would you support an “early admission” or similar process for low-income families to reduce this disparity in school choice success?
Schools with various levels of programs for all Exceptional Child Education students (ECE--Special needs), English Language Learners (ELL—new immigrants), and homeless and foster-care students should be equitably located across the county. Would you support providing appropriate, safe JCPS transportation for these students across the county to schools with adequate resources for accomplishing their Individual Learning Plan?
JCPS has persistently had ten or more schools where above 90% of their students live in poverty. Ensuring diversity is especially important for reducing learning gaps for these students. Would you support intentionally siting programs and creating school, cluster and resides boundaries so that the percentage of students from low-income households at each school will fall within a moderately narrow range around the JCPS-wide average? An example would be having minimum and maximum limits of 45-80%--the current district average is 62%.
Would you support creating fewer, but larger, elementary school clusters that parents and students choose from? Increasing the cluster size would include more schools per cluster, increasing both choice and diversity.
There are significant inequities in access to many engaging programs such as magnet, academy, gifted and Talented, and traditional programs. To address these disparities, would you support JCPS giving some type of intentional priority access and selection for students of color and/or students from low-income households?
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