WLA Enrollment Packet
Please complete this enrollment packet and Cadet Handbook Assurances. Enrollment is not complete until these have been finalized.
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WLA Forms
The following items pertain to WLA cadets specifically. Please take time to read and acknowledge each item and feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.
Fee Acknowledgement
Please read the following Fee Acknowledgement statements:

1. I understand that I am held responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items that my student was entrusted with or had in their possession that belongs to WLA or WLA staff members.

WLA Fees due at the time of enrollment:
1. $50 non-refundable Processing fee

2. $50 refundable Materials fee that is returned at the end of a student's enrollment with WLA provided all items are returned in good condition.
I have read and understand the above Fee Acknowledgement statements *
Attendance Agreements
Please read the following statements regarding attendance at WLA:

1. I have enrolled my child in this institution of my own free will and agree to the conditions and terms stated below. I understand that if I am unable to fulfill this support agreement, I may be asked to withdraw my child and enroll them into another educational institution.

2. I will notify WLA Headquarters no later than 09:00AM on the morning of the absence if my child is unable to attend or will be late due to injury, illness, or otherwise scheduled event. I understand that if I do not call by 09:00AM, my child may be considered AWOL.

3. I understand that if my child is absent, whether they are excused or unexcused, a total of 18 days during the school year, it may result in them being dropped from WLA rolls.

4. I understand that if my child is absent whether they are excused or unexcused, 10 consecutive days during the school year, Oregon state law requires that the student be dropped from rolls.

If a cadet misses 5 school days, consecutive or non-consecutive, an attendance meeting will be required for the cadet and parents/guardians to create an attendance support plan.
I have read and understand the above Attendance Agreements. *
Credit Forms
Please read the following statements below. These are a summary of WLA's comprehensive Grading and Credit Policy, which can be found on our website.

All Grades:
1. WLA does not issue Ds as grades. Anything below a C- is considered unsatisfactory and will be issued an F grade.

2. Cadets who enroll after the first week of the quarter will receive partial credit upon completion of course requirements.

3. Students who enroll too late to receive credit will earn an "NG" or "no grade" for that course in that quarter. “Too late” is defined as entering with less than 20 school days to the end of the quarter.

4. Cadets who withdraw from WLA prior to the end of the quarter will earn partial credit if the student has been enrolled for 20 or more days in that quarter.

I have read and understand the above credit policy statements. *
Medication Agreements
Any and all medications must be brought in to HQ by a parent or guardian who is able to fill out the appropriate forms. This includes all prescription and over the counter medications, including cough drops, ointments, pain medicine, and allergy medicine. Any medication that is to be signed in must be in it's original packaging.

If a cadet is allowed to have an inhaler or epi-pen for self-administration, a note from the cadet's current doctor stating that they are allowed to "self-administer" the medication must be provided prior to allowing them to carry it with them.

Any medication that is brought on post without following the proper protocols will be confiscated by Office staff and held until a parent or guardian can come pick it up.
I have read and understand the Medication Agreements. *
Cell Phone Policy
At WLA, cell phones are a privilege, not a right. We fully understand that your cadet may need their phone for transportation arrangements. However, if they do not follow WLA rules, their phone may be banned from campus.

The on campus rules are as follows:
1. Any cadet that brings their phone to school will be required to turn off their phone and turn it in to their Staff NCO or Platoon Commander at 0800 morning formation. Cadet phones will be returned at afternoon formation by a staff member. If a cadet leaves early during the day, HQ staff will retrieve the phone for the cadet. This includes smart watches that can send and receive texts and phone calls during the day.

Cell phone use on the bus:
1. Cadets may not make or receive phone calls while on the bus, unless they have permission from the bus driver each time.

2. Cell phones need to be contained to the immediate space surrounding a cadet. Cadets cannot wave their phone around, pass it around the bus, or cause any disruptions in an attempt to share what is on their phone.

3. Cadets are not allowed to take photos or record videos while on the bus.

4. Cadets must ensure that there is no audible sound coming from their phone while on the bus. If cadets choose to listen to music or play games with sound, headphones must be worn. WLA requires that cadets only use earbuds, and that they leave one earbud off so that they can still hear instructions from the bus driver.
I have read and understand the Cell Phone Policy *
Bus Rules

All cadets are required to follow the WLA Bus Rules. Failure to follow these rules could result in suspension or expulsion from the WLA buses. Even if your cadet is transported to and from school by a parent, please review these rules as we do take field trips in which all cadets utilize the school buses.

1. Cadets must be in uniform in order to board and ride a WLA school bus. The only exception to this rule is for brand new cadets that have not been issued a uniform yet.
2. All cadets are expected to arrive 5 minutes early to their bus stops. This helps keep the bus routes running on time.
3. All afternoon stop times are approximate, as traffic patterns frequently change.
4. There will be no horseplay, fighting, or weapons allowed on the school bus.
5. Cadets must remain seated while the bus is in motion.
6. Cadets are not allowed to stick, poke, hang, or throw anything out of the bus windows.
7. Cadets are expected to follow all rules and directions given by the drivers.
8. Cadets are expected to remain silent at all railroad crossings.
9. Cadets are expected to keep the aisles clear at all times.
10. Cadets may not consume food while on the school bus.
11. WLA will make our best efforts to have middle school cadets and high school cadets sit in separate sections of the school bus, with the exception of siblings.
12. Cadets may only board and depart the bus at their designated stops. Any changes to authorized bus stops -even for just one day- must be submitted by a parent or guardian at least 48 hours ahead of time in order to remain within bus capacity limits. We will accommodate temporary changes as we can but they are not guaranteed.
13. Bus stops are an extension of the WLA campus and proper behavior is expected while cadets are present at stops. Failure to comply with school rules while in uniform at the bus stops could result in WLA losing the ability to offer that location as a stop.

I have read and understand all of the above Transportation Rules and Regulations. *
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