Twitter API proxy List

Why have this list?
For the massive Twitter users from China, they cannot access to because government of China blocks (using GFW, you can find it on wikipedia). This is stupid and useless, because twitter has a powerful REST API, and many third-party website provides many different ways to access twitter's services, like itweet and twizap and so on.
And, with Twitter REST API, we can implement a so-called "Twitter API proxy" using many different web programming languages.With Twitter API proxy, you can using twitter from any client, if your client provide the option to customize the API address.

What's API proxy?
HTTP request has two different method,POST and GET(actually there are DELETE and PUT, but...let me simplify it :-) ). The so-called REST API, which is short for Representational State Transfer, is called using POST and GET. Thus, we can using a simple script to redirect the HTTP request from user to
For example, if you want to get a user's information, you need to call this API:
But if you have an API proxy set up at, you can call the same API using this method:

How can I set up an API proxy?
If you can, you can even write your own API proxy in any language.But maybe you just want an easy way to set up an API proxy.
Below is a list of open source projects. You can use them to set up a Twitter API proxy easily.

I have a twitter API proxy and I want to share it
Please @yegle on twitter. Tell me the URL, whether it's home-made or using one of the open source projects and if it supports HTTPS.

I found a invalid API proxy in the list/I don't want my API proxy listed here
Don't hesitate, just @yegle on twitter~

WARNING:using an API proxy may leak your password to the owner of API proxy.
WARNING:share your API proxy here may get your website GFWed!

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