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We invite existing MMC users to try out our newly developed GPU-accelerated MMC - MMCL. MMCL is written in OpenCL, and can be executed on nearly all modern GPU and CPU processors, including NVIDIA, AMD and Intel processors.

MMCL is about 100-400x faster compared to a single threaded MMC (with SSE4) or 10-70x faster than mutli-threaded MMC.

In this preview software, we provided precompiled MMCL binaries and MMCLAB mex files for Linux/Mac and Windows. The MMCL software is highly compatible with MMC/MMCLAB, accepting nearly identical inputs and features.

The download link will be displayed once you submit the below short registration form.

To allow us to continue developing/improving MMC/MMCL, we invite you to write a testimonial in the below form. This feedback will greatly help us in our reports to the NIH and securing future funding for this development. We appreciate your feedback!

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