21st CCLC Parent Activity Survey
Parents: Please complete this survey in order to help us best serve your child and your family's needs.
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Please indicate which program(s) your child(ren) attends. *
Which of your children attend the 21st CCLC Program? *
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Please indicate which parent activities you would be interested in attending. Parents are required to take part in at least four parent activities, and parents that complete will receive a Certificate of Completion. Parents that attend one activity per month will be entered into a drawing to win a GRAND PRIZE at the end of the year. *
What skills or knowledge do you have that you would be willing to share with the program? *
i.e., dance, art, music, languages, fitness, technology, culinary, other
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Would you be willing to volunteer for the program? *
i.e., one day for a special event, two days per month, 30 minutes per day, one day per week, etc. Any help is appreciated and will help ensure that we have a program in place next year.
What impact has this program had on your personal life, finances, and child? *
i.e., able to pay your electric bill because of saving on daycare, able to keep a job because your child has a safe place to be, able to continue schooling, child is able to shine in areas other than just academics, etc. Be specific on the impact that the program has had, and what situation you would be in if it wasn't for the program.
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Is this program vital to the community? *
Will it be easier for you to be involved in the program's parent activities if food is provided? *
What is the best time slot for a parent activity? *
What is the best day to schedule parent activities? *
How comfortable are you with helping your child academically at home? *
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