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This form is for proposing a solo talk or performance; offering to lead a discussion, workshop, or special-interest panel; or requesting a slot for a group reading at Readercon. Our suggestion cycle runs March 1 through February 28. Suggestions received by February 28, 2019 will be considered for Readercon 30 in July 2019. You may fill out this form multiple times if you have multiple items to propose. Please only fill out this form if you have received an invitation to be a program participant at the upcoming Readercon.

Special-interest items can be either on-topic (related to imaginative literature) or off-topic. On-topic subjects typically include practical issues for writers, presentations of critical ideas, screeds on the state of the field, and the like. Off-topic subjects are typically science, history, other art forms, or popular culture. If you have a field of expertise in an area that genre readers are interested in (i.e., almost anything), this is your chance to bring that knowledge to the convention! Several of our program participants give annual off-topic talks that have become convention highlights.

Do your best to give us a title and item description of the sort that appears in our Program Guide. (If you're new to the convention, look at the last several programs on our website.) If you can't speak Readercon-ese, worry not: we'll turn whatever description you can give us into a proper blurb.

If you would like to submit an idea for a general-interest program item, please use the form at If you would like to apply to be a Readercon program participant or suggest someone for us to invite, please use the form at

If you have any difficulty with this form or any questions about Readercon's program, please email

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