Independent Contractor Instructor Agreement and Liability Waiver
Renaissance School of the Arts
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I understand that I am being offered a position as an Independent Contractor Instructor for Renaissance School of the Arts (RSA) for the 2023-2024 school year, teaching the following (please list your classes below):  *
As an Independent Contractor, I understand that: 

1.) I will be directly paid by each individual student who registers for these classes (payments due  monthly, on dates specified by RSA). I am responsible for collecting and keeping track of all payments, reimbursing for missed classes, and communicating with my students and their parents about class requirements and any other needs or issues which arise.  

2.) I am responsible for paying my own taxes, insurance (medical, liability, benefits, etc.). See  “Self Employed Tax Center”  for more information. 

3.) RSA will provide classroom space, scheduling, and administrative support for classes offered. I am responsible for independently planning, implementing, and providing supplies for the courses listed  above for the students, which must be communicated to them in the course description on the website,  including what is covered by the supply fee. I agree to be reliable and prompt in my attendance and to participate in any recitals/shows/activities associated with my class/students (see #6 below). I understand that Independent Contractor Instructors are expected to communicate in a positive and professional way with all RSA families, students, staff, instructors and facility personnel. 

4.) Independent Contractor Instructors will have the opportunity to propose courses for the following school year by submitting new course proposal(s) when requested. It is essential to turn in course proposals by the deadline in order to be considered as an instructor for the following school year. Decisions on courses to be offered will be made by the RSA Scheduling Committee and communicated to potential Independent Contractor Instructors. Instructors are chosen for the contract period of the current school year. Being offered an Independent Contractor position for a school year does not guarantee that the instructor will be retained to teach for the following school year. 

5.) Because this is a responsible position and includes working with minor children, RSA requires background checks on all Independent Contractor Instructors. There will be an annual fee of $30 to each instructor to cover background checks, use of website and associated expenses.  

6.) RSA Independent Contractor Instructors will participate, encourage student participation and assist students in preparing for the following RSA recitals/shows/events, including, but not limited to:  

• RSA Variety Show, including rehearsal (end of school year, April)

• Global Cultures Celebration (Nov)

• Winter Showcase (Dec/Jan)

• Open Mic Night (March)

• Senior Showcase (April)

• Lunchtime Performance/Display (throughout the year)

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