OSCC Survey of Recent Members - 2020
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Which selection best describes your general feelings about returning to curling? *
Do you plan to curl with Ocean State Curling Club in the 2020-21 season? *
Which league would you participate in during the 2020-21 season? (Please mark all that apply.)
What is your preferred league duration? (Please mark all that apply.)
If curling is modified in consideration of COVID-19, in what version(s) of curling would you participate? (Please mark all that apply.)
Will you wear a face mask or face shield while curling?
Do you think any of the following factors would impact your opinions about curling in the future? (Please select all that apply.)
Are you willing to volunteer time, resources, and/or connections to help OSCC prepare for a safe return to curling?
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If OSCC had the same curling options this year as were planned for last year, how will COVID-19 impact your curling habits?
Rank the importance of possible changes to OSCC
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3rd choice
4th choice
Keep league fees the same (not increased)
Improved ice quality
Additional league times
More club events (happy hours, watch parties, etc.)
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Is there something else that is important to you to change about OSCC? Where would you rank it?
What year did you join OSCC?
Do you have any suggestions for the club going forward?
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