Teacher Appreciation Contest Entry
In the spirit of Teacher Appreciation Day, we would also like to say thank you by offering you one of our games of your choosing for free and a chance at becoming a character in a video game!

Fill out this form and we will give you a license to play any of our games for free, plus we will randomly pick 3 entries and have our amazing art team draw you as a video game character that you can use to put on social media, letterhead, posters around your room, you name it!

Take a moment now to fill out an entry form today! If you are chosen to become a video game character we will contact you for a personal photo for reference. Good Luck!

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If you are randomly chosen to be turned into a video game character, describe what type of game you would be in (Does not have to be a Dig-It! Game) and one or two items that you would want to have in your hands.
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