Sue Werb's Questionnaire for Test Prep & College Coaching
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Which test(s) are you planning to take and when?
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Within 4-8 weeks
Within 3-4 months
Within 5-6 months
Sometime this year
Please list dates and scores from previous tests (P/SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT), including subsections and essays. *
What subjects did you take last year? What were your final grades? *
What classes are you taking this year? *
What are your favorite and least favorite subjects? *
Do you participate in any extra-curricular activities (clubs, theater, sports, job, volunteering)? *
If so, please explain with specifics (activities, level of involvement, time periods)
What do you want to study in college? What careers are you considering? *
To which colleges do you plan to apply? Do any require or superscore specific test(s)? Do you plan to apply to any colleges in the Midwest or any Ivy League Universities? *
All schools accept both tests but most superscore only one (recalculate composite score using best subsections from tests taken on different dates), some average different tests or consider only best composite score, and others are now requiring both tests. It is important to know the specific policy of each school to which apply.
Do you have approved accommodations (extra time, oral presentation, etc) for either test? Have you ever had testing accommodations or an IEP? *
If so, please explain and give specifics.
Is time an issue for you on either traditional or standardized tests? If so, for which specific tests and subjects? *
Which type of course scheduling do you like better? *
Are you better at school work or better at taking standardized tests? *
What makes you feel more proud: your ability to solve problems and tackle mentally-challenging tasks or your grades and achievements at school? *
How are your focus and concentration skills? Do you get distracted easily? *
Do you prefer switching between different tasks, or focusing on one until it is done? *
Are you better at memorizing facts and figures straight up or figuring out new things as you go along? *
Do you prefer predictability (knowing what to expect, sticking to a schedule) or do you prefer some novelty (newness or uncertainty)? *
Do you sometimes/often make careless mistakes? *
Do you question your answer choices? What causes you to change an answer choice? *
Do you sometimes have a problem figuring out what a test question is asking? *
If so, explain why and specify for what subjects (reading, math, grammar, science, etc)
Do you feel confident knowing when to skip a question or guess on it? *
Do you get bored when taking tests? *
Do you sometimes tune out when reading a passage and get to the end only to wonder what you have just read? *
Is English your primary language? *
If you answered "NO" to the previous question, please choose all responses that apply to you
What is your vocabulary level? *
Are you an outside reader? *
Do you enjoy reading beyond your school assignments/requirements?
Do you consider writing one of your biggest talents? Do essay exams make you nervous? *
In which grade did you start to use a calculator during class or for homework? *
Are you confident in converting and calculating decimals, fractions and percents? *
Are you confident in transforming formulas (algebraic manipulation)? *
Do you understand trigonometry? *
How do you prefer to answer math questions? *
What kind of math problems do you like doing? *
Do you like science? *
Do you feel confident about interpreting visual data such as tables, charts and graphs? *
What is your dominant handedness? (yes, that is a real word lol) *
What are your learning preferences, strengths and weaknesses? (This can vary by subject matter so please indicate differences.) *
If you would like an in-depth analysis you can take the online survey in the following link or print out the Google doc:
If you would like an in-depth analysis you can take the online survey in the following link or print out the Google doc:
How much stress are you feeling about doing well on these tests? *
Who is the main source of pressure or high expectations? *
Do you get test anxiety? *
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If you answered "YES" to the previous question, check all of the statements that apply to you.
Do you analyze your mistakes after getting a test back? *
If you answered "SOMETIMES" or "YES" to the previous question, check all of the statements that describe the kinds of mistakes you often make on tests.
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