Support Harriet E. Richards Cooperative House residents during COVID-19 campus displacements
Dear H.E.R. alumnae, friends and family,

Boston University informed undergraduate students on Tuesday, March 17, 2020 that they are to "leave Boston University residences and return home by Sunday, March 22" because of the risks posed by the COVID-19 virus outbreak. (You can read the full announcement here:

Some H.E.R. residents have returned home already, but a few require immediate support related to transportation and identifying alternative housing in the Boston area. HERAA and the current student leaders on the H.E.R. Executive Board are actively working to understand specific resident needs. It has become clear that while BU administration is already providing some logistical resources (e.g., storage) and granting some appeals for certain extensions to stay on campus, there will be gaps and unmet needs.

If you are able to pledge support for H.E.R. residents during this time, please fill out the form below indicating what types of supports you are willing and able to provide.

HERAA will contact you with further questions or to secure your pledged support.

You can also reach us at if you have any questions.

Thank you so much for your generosity and support for H.E.R. residents during this time,

Rebecca Martin, Class of 2007
Hillary Johnson, Class of 2001
Kenzie Wooters, Class of 2018
Sarah Newell, Class of 2015
Natasia Sidarta, Class of 2012
Rachel Bennett, Class of 2012
Renee Gaillard, Class of 2014
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Are you able to provide transportation for students from campus (191 Bay State Road, Boston) to your accommodation?
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Direct Student Support
Fill out the following section to indicate if you are willing to provide financial or other support to H.E.R. residents related to COVID-19 displacement.
HERAA is considering setting up a general fund for H.E.R. residents that could be used to financially support them in cases of lost wages, unexpected expenses related to self-care or therapy, funds for graduating seniors if there is a chance to return to campus for Commencement, etc. Are you willing and able to contribute toward this fund?
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Are you interested in being paired with one or more H.E.R. residents to offer them emotional support as a mentor, coach or if you are formally trained, counseling?
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Are there additional supports or resources not mentioned above that you are able to offer to H.E.R. residents at this time?
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