Patreon Champion Tier Suggestions
Champion tier patrons of Powder Rune can submit ~vague sexy suggestions~ for monthly NSFW polls!

How it works:
You submit a suggestion in regards to content that will be made into a NSFW drawing. I take the theme of your suggestion and rephrase it into something I want to draw, then put it on Patreon to be voted on.

Please keep the suggestions moderately vanilla.

The end result will likely be a sketch.

Submissions are due by the 10th of every month.
Patreon email address *
The email you used to sign up for Patreon, needed to verify your pledge.
Vague sexy suggestion #1 *
Please leave simple, open-ended suggestions such as "cat girl," "small tiddies," "milk," or "couples" that can easily be translated into content I'd want to draw.
Vague sexy suggestion #2
Optional. I will only pick one of your suggestions to enter into the poll each month.
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