Please fill out the form to register your son's participation with King's High School Lions' Sport.
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If you selected Rugby- what team will you be playing for this year?
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Every year your support is appreciated and this year we will require it again to continue to give our students an opportunity to participate in their selected sport. Please select below if you are able to assist:
If you are able to help please provide your name and contact details- thank you!
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I understand my son is signing up for the selected sport and the cost of his involvement.
By selecting "yes" I agree to my son signing up for the sport, the commitment required and the costs involved. You will receive a confirmation email and the deadline date for the registration fee.
I understand if my son has been selected for a home inter-school fixture he is expected to host a player from the visiting school. If you are not able to host a visiting student it is your responsibility to organise alternative suitable accommodation.
I delegate my authority to teachers and assistants involved. Such persons may take whatever reasonable disciplinary action they deem necessary to ensure the safety, well-being and acceptable conduct of the students as a group, or individual, in this sport. I also authorise staff to obtain medical assistance and ambulance transportation which they deem necessary should illness or an accident occur.
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