Peacemakers Camp, possibly ONLINE, Parent interest survey
We are considering what it might mean and look like to host Peacemakers camp 2020 in an online, rather than in-person format. We would love feedback from families in our community about how this might happen and realistically work for children. Please fill out this questionnaire the best you are able, thank you so much for your time and assistance. Peace
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Would your children be interested in participating in "Peacemakers camp ONLINE" this summer (same weeks), assuming we may not be able to hold camp live? It would consist of a lot of the same elements as live in person camp. Structure tbd..
Would an ONLINE camp structure work for your household? Do you have internet and adequate devices? Space for participants to craft, move, etc..? Please elaborate how an online camp may or may not work for your family.
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What might a good time structure be for your family? Are mornings best? How early? Afternoons? How late? How long is a good amount of time for your children to be on a video conference? Maybe a couple times a day? Will you be able to support your child during camp times or prefer not to have much involvement?
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How could an ONLINE Peacemakers camp benefit and help support your children and family?
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What are your feelings about small group gatherings with distancing outdoors as of now and leading into the summer months?
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Any other suggestions or concerns about how we might best transition peacemakers camp ONLINE for you, your children and the larger community?
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