`Health Survey
The following is a mandatory requirement for any swimmer to return to the pool.
We appreciate that this information is sensitive and will be used with that in mind.
When a swimmer turns up for each session and registers, they will be asked by the assigned Covid Liaison (BSC parent), to confirm that nothing has changed from this survey.
1. Full name of Person Completing the Survey *
Family ID *
Family ID - This is a recent introduction, primarily to make it easier for us to correlate the data you enter per family. You will have received an email advising you what your Family ID is, it uses the first 6 character of the persons surname who manages the BSC Account, followed by a number (if we have more families with the same surname). Any spaces or hyphens in the surname are removed i.e. MOREN01, BLOG01, VANDEV01
The following questions provide up to 4 spaces to answer for each swimmer, please keep in order with respect to listing the swimmers names initially
Swimmer One Full Name *
Swimmer Two Full Name
Swimmer Three Full Name
Swimmer Four Full Name
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