WREN Horizon Scan Feedback #2
Thank you for participating in the next stage of the WREN Horizon Scan. This follow-up survey will rank the specific stressors and receptors identified in the first survey. Your feedback is instrumental in helping WREN assess the international environmental priorities for wind energy development. For more information on WREN please visit: https://tethys.pnnl.gov/about-wren.

This Horizon Scan aims to aggregate priority environmental issues for land-based and offshore wind energy development over the next 5-10 years using a systematic scan of the collective knowledge and experiences within the international community. Results from the Horizon Scan will be publicly disseminated to help facilitate knowledge transfer and collaboration.

Please complete this form for the country where you have the most experience. If you have time to provide feedback for additional countries, we would appreciate your input by going through this form multiple times for each country. Please note, you will not be able to edit survey responses once you submit this form.

Anticipated Time: ~10-15 minutes.
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