Call for Volunteers: oSTEM Programs and Projects
oSTEM is an all-volunteer organization. Our Programs and Projects are big efforts that need the combined work from many people. Thank you for your interest! Please tell us a little about yourself so we can match your skills and interests with our needs.
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Contact email:
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Contact phone:
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Geographic location:
City, state, and country if out of the United States. We use this for coordinating interactions across time zones and connecting local project volunteers.
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Which best describes your relation to the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields?
We need skills from many areas. As such, we value the contributions of volunteers of all backgrounds.
How are you currently involved in oSTEM?
Specific Project(s) or Program(s) you would prefer to help with:
Current and imminent Programs and Projects are listed below. Projects are short-term tasks or periodic endeavors -- while programs are more dedicated infrastructure that have potential to involve a number of projects.
Are you also interested in volunteering for other areas of oSTEM that can use your skills?
Examples include: the Annual Conference, Development, Information Technology, Membership, and the Mentorship Council.
Specific skill(s) you would like to use:
These are some suggestions, but by no means the only skills we can use. Please provide any other skills or explanation in the following question.
Additional skills you would like to use:
List any expertise, such as participation in/knowledge of a community or technological skill.
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Would you be comfortable taking on a leadership role?
You can change your mind later, but if you're eager to lead please let us know.
Please tell us why you want to volunteer for oSTEM.
Your reasons will help us be sure to match the work we propose your interests and motivation. This may be as short as a sentence or as long as you need.
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Time you can contribute:
We know you're busy! Accuracy is more important than quantity, so we can keep goals realistic. Please remember to give us a unit, such as h/week.
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