Staff Application for UNBOUND 2018
Thank you for registering to serve on staff for Unbound.

We will have one day of staff training, beginning on Thursday, Nov 8 at 7PM, and concluding the following afternoon when Sojourners arrive.

The deadline to register is October 22, 2018.

The cost of food and lodging at Camp McDowell for the weekend is $160. Payment link sent in confirmation email. Knowing that this amount would be burdensome and prohibitive for some, we offer this event on a sliding scale, from $50-250, asking all people involved to name and pay what they are able in order to cover their own costs, and to help cover the cost of others if they are able.

Please call Lindsey Mullen at 205-530-0685 if you have any questions about serving on staff.

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Staff Options
Staff come to Unbound as Sojourners Companions or support staff.

Sojourner Companions
Sojourner companions arrive on Thursday evening for training on how to provide safe and respectful care for people with disabilities. For the weekend each Companion is paired with a Sojourner to be their helper, friend, and to assist with care needs.

Companions stay in accessible, dorm-style cabins along with Sojourners.

Support Staff
Support staff members arrive on Thursday evening for training on how to provide safe and respectful care for people with disabilities. Program staffers support Sojourners and Companions and ensure that program activities are set up, cleaned up, and run smoothly.

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