PTA Funding Request: Instructional Grants
Please use this form for only ONE request at a time.  Some things to keep in mind:

1) Eligible faculty and staff at Salem Middle School should use this form to submit their request for an Instructional Grant request. A paper form can be printed and submitted, but we prefer this form. To check eligibility, please see the page linked below. If you have a question, feel free to email us.

2) Individual teachers can only submit one instructional grant application for themselves per year.

3) Eligible personnel can participate in up to two group requests beyond any individual request (1 per semester; for example, if a PLT asks for funds). Non-eligible personnel can be part of the request, but they cannot be the lead applicant.

4) In addition to completing this form, some documentation might required or requested (for example, estimates of materials needed, etc.). Our preference are for these files to be shared or emailed to us, but we will accept physical copies submitted to the PTA mailbox in the SMS mailroom. Make sure your name accompanies any physical materials, please.

5) Reviews will be conducted approximately quarterly (if budgeted funds allow). Here are some general due dates for grant applications:
     Q1) Due by September 1.
     Q2) Due by November 1
     Q3) Due by January 15
     Q4) Due by April 1

Reviews typically happen within 30 days of receipt of the grant request. It is not common to have requests approved before 30 days. If the timing needs to be sooner, please send an email and Cc the principal.

To learn more about available funding please visit

SPECIAL FUNDING REQUESTS: Please contact the SMS PTA directly by email to describe your request.
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Lead Applicant's Name *
Lead Applicant's Grade Level and Area(s) of Responsibility *
Type of Request *
Amount Requested *
Other Applicants' Names, Subject Areas, and Grade Levels (if applying as a group)
Timing of Funds (if awarded, when would it be necessary to receive the funds?) *
Please indicate whether or not you have discussed this Instructional Grant idea with any of the SMS administrator. *
Please describe the grade level(s), subject area(s), and number of students impacted by the grant. *
Please describe what you would like to be funded. Please be succinct, but be as descriptive as you need to be. If you feel a longer explanation is necessary, you can send an email to the PTA with a shared GoogleDoc link (preferred) or an attached document. *
Please describe how what you are doing fits into the broader vision for the grade level, subject area, school priorities, etc. *
In many cases "Instructional Grant" requests need to be accompanied by receipts or estimates or projected charges. Please indicate how the supporting documentation (receipts, estimates, etc.) is being submitted below. *
In some cases an instructional grant materials, etc. can only be purchased by the applicant. In other cases, it behooves the applicant to work through the school so that a better price can be found, or because WCPSS policy mandates it. Please indicate how the purchase will be made. *
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