Maroon Liberation School: season11maroons
in order to dismantle white supremacy, we are developing revolutionary organizers that study the past to collaboratively change the future! this takes studentship and commitment to organize, organize, organize. our pedagogy is steeped in the principles of our maroon party for liberation, guided by veterans and elders, designed for youth and maroon leadership, and dedicated to pre-figuring a new society, right now.  

this is not a drive-by webinar series!! you may pop in at 5 on any Monday, however know that If you commit to the season, you will be committing to a process of ideological (external/herstory/theoretical) and ontological (internal/soul/) development. thanks to the feedback from our past 10 seasons, this season we will be offering differentiated levels of commitment. you can join at any time, yet, for the most transformative experience, attendance to all seven sessions will ensure that we build like-mind foundations and commit to awareness, articulation, and action. we are guided by 5 tenets that you will learn more about with us. this season's hyper focus is maroon leadership (organizing 102 "Back 2 Basics Forward 2 a maroon ideology").

more about the season

"B(l)ack to Basics 2 Forward to a maroon ideology  (the politics and philosophies of ideologies, breaking down ism's and schism's)

what is capitalism? what is socialism? where is communism? allergic to ism's, questioning ism's, working to strengthen your ism's or just looking for a new ism...might be your season.

this is part 2 to our B(l)ack to Basics organizing 101. no worries if you missed season10maroons. it's still basic. and no worries if you feel advanced, we could use your expertise to form newer ideologies ;).

season 11 begins maroon monday june 12th to maroon monday july 24th 
facilitated by spiritchild and co facilitated by Rosa Bettina and Dorien De Vidts
supported by maroon party members Hakim Rebel Poet, KB & Eleanor
june 12 - july 24 (6 sessions & 1 final presentation by the people)"

we meet every maroon monday from 5-6:30pm EDT (and stay for an optional 30 min session assessment till 7pm), season 11 will be a total of 7 sessions/classes. 

COST? Maroon Exchange
pay what you can between $21 per session ($10 per hr) and or in advance $121 for the season ($8 per hr)

if folx can’t pay for all eight (8) sessions, but can pay for one… they need to communicate this to our school  formally and we can work something out regarding an appropriate maroon exchange:

- their mutual aid plans
- what their maroon exchange will be and their deadlines to execute? 

here are examples: 
-hot chocolate stand, back sale, art sale fundraiser/sale, assisting our maroon party for liberation with your skills to assist in the growth of our community (i.e. web/graphic design, grant writing, book us at your school for a guest lecture....)
-committing and actively participating to all Season 10 sessions and sharing your progress

and if you have any questions, comments, concerns about the cost here's our email:

the application process:

please fill out the following survey to the best of your ability.
PLEASE NOTE:  video recordings of your answers are accepted and encouraged!!  
If you choose VIDEO just put the link or links below!

any questions?! comments? suggestions? Email:

“By knowing that we have a lot to become, and a lot more to know, we will change, become better, clearer, stronger, more committed, dedicated and capable of taking on all challenges.” Fred Ho
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welcome to season 11 :)
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