2017 Scholarship Application
The Chagrin Falls Alumni Association, Chagrin Falls Boosters Club, EnvisionEight, Chagrin Falls Historical Society, CFHS Music Department Marva Sickinger Scholarship, & Kruse Family Foundation have created a common scholarship application. This introduction describes for you the various scholarships that are available.

You can apply to all organizations. Please note that the organizations do not communicate with one another on their selections. Therefore, you can earn scholarships from more than one organization.

All seniors are encouraged to apply.

Applications are due no later than Friday, February 3rd.

Once your application is turned in the Alumni Association, Boosters Club, EnvisionEight, Chagrin Falls Historical Society, the CFHS Music Department, & Kruse Family Foundation will screen the applications and select candidates for an interview. The CFAA and Boosters will hold their interviews Saturday, March 11th. Due to the number of applicants, the applications will be screened beforehand and the organizations will notify you if you have been selected for an interview. The evaluation process considers the student’s entire high school career and requires the completion of the application and an interview. Scholarship recipients will be announced at the Spring Honors Ceremony and will also be recognized during the Blossom Time Parade by riding on the Boosters /Alumni Float. The Historical Society, EnvisionEight, the CFHS Music Department, & Kruse Family Foundation will interview applicants a date to be determined.

Additional information on each scholarship

CHAGRIN FALLS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION offers at least (3) $1,000 scholarships.
Only one scholarship must be given to a son/daughter of a CFHS alumnus.
Criteria – 2.5 GPA or better. Extracurricular activities, Public Service, & work experience.

ENVISIONEIGHT Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship will offer at least (1) $800 scholarship.
Criteria: No minimum GPA. Focus on any combination of the following: leadership roles/teamwork, community service, academic interests, and work experience.

CHAGRIN FALLS BOOSTER CLUB offer a minimum of 3 scholarships totaling $6,000.

Each scholarship has different criteria, as follows:

1. The Traditional Booster Scholarship: This scholarship is for an all-around excellent student who has participated in an extra-curricular and/or service activity. Student must have played one season of a H.S. sport/band/cheerleading.

2. The “Motivated to Succeed” Scholarship: This scholarship is an option for the student who can show consistent participation and a strong desire to succeed and/or excel in a non-athletic
school activity, or in a sport that is not offered at CFHS.

3. The Booster Promotion Scholarship: This scholarship is an option for the student who has either been BOLSTERED or PROMOTED by the school or community, or for the student who has BOLSTERED or PROMOTED the school or community in a significant way.

CHAGRIN FALLS MUSIC DEPARTMENT Marva Sickinger Scholarship will offer (1) scholarship of an amount to be determined.

CHAGRIN FALLS HISTORICAL SOCIETY will offer (3) $1500 Scholarships.
Students will apply for one of the three scholarships:
1. Atkinson Scholarship--will be awarded to a high achieving student who demonstrates an interest in entrepreneurship.

2. Police Car Scholarship--Will be awarded to a student who is in a vocational program

3. Scrap Zalba Scholarship--Will be awarded to a student with high academic achievement and strong community service credentials--preferably someone with a strong history background.

The Historical Society reserves the right to adjust the criteria based on the applicant pool. Students who have volunteered for the Historical Society, or whose families have been involved will receive special consideration.
Students will be required to respond to 2 of 3 prompts with essays of not more than 500 words. The prompts will be added to the form soon.

The Kruse Family Foundation will be awarding a $1,000 scholarship to a student-athlete. Selection will be based on character, leadership, extra-curricular activities, need and overall response to essays/interviews.

Please SEND & SHARE your resume to Mr. McKenna. The Committees would like to understand your experience during high school including your work, community service, and extra-curricular activities. Mr. McKenna will share your resume with each applicable organization. It can be sent to brian.mckenna@chagrinschools.org. This is best completed by sending it in a PDF format.

Please make sure that your resume includes the appropriate information listed below:

Under your work experience, it should include the place(s) you worked at, the dates you were employed and the position(s) you held.

With your community service, it should include what you have completed while a student at CFHS. It should list the names of the organizations, hours completed at each and what type of work you did.

The section on extracurricular activities should list the activities you are or have been involved in whether inside or outside of school. We recommend it list awards and/or positions held.

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