Over the next coming weeks I wanted to do something different.  I thought it would be fun to ask people what they wanted to learn about. If you could take just 5 minutes to answer some questions. A.) It would mean the world to me and B.) More importantly, I'll be able to gear my emails, posts, etc) towards topics you specifically want to learn about. Thanks so much!
BESIDES Covit-19 restrictions.... What's the single biggest challenge that you're struggling with planning your wedding (or events)? *
Are you a...
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How did do most of research and planning for your wedding? *
If money (time and distance) were no object... where would you LOOOOOVE to shop and how would you spent it? *
What are your 3 to 5 FAAAAVORITE guilty pleasures? *
How did you determine the value and budget for your wedding/event floral designs & decor? *
What's one thing you wish you could learned about wedding planning or wedding design? *
What do you like most about the social media platform that takes up most of your time... and which one is it? *
How would you define your personal style? What 5 words best describe it? *
If money, time and travel were no object and you could go on a dream vacation/trip... describe it *
What's something that's "make or break" in your choice when choosing a service or product? *
Describe your wedding/event planning style and "comfort zone"? *
Which describes you best when it came/comes to wedding/event planning *
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