POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Praxis in Education Student Conference 2020: Education vs. Schooling
EVENT POSTPONED- Due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, we have made the decision to postpone the conference for the health and safety of our communities until further notice. We wish everyone health and safety during this difficult time.

Location: Montezuma Hall (2nd Floor of Student Union)
San Diego State University, 5500 Campanile Dr. San Diego, CA 92182

Every spring since 2018, the Dignified Learning Project has hosted the “Praxis in Education Student Conference.” This conference was created with the vision to provide an event for students passionate about transforming education through educational praxis. Through this event, we aim to provide a space for students and community members to convene, connect, and learn from one another, in order to share and expand on our knowledge with the intent to use education as a force for social justice.

We invite any proposal that highlights the role of education in our society as well as the importance of educational transformation. This can be anything from policy change, theoretical contributions, activities, pedagogy, and many other educational approaches. This conference is for students and attendance is open and free for everyone. Students at any level can submit proposals. Students include, but are not limited to: undergraduates, recent graduates, graduates, teacher education/credential students, continuing education, and high school students.

We welcome proposals across all fields, as education impacts everybody!

The following topics may be presented at the conference; other topics not included in this list are welcomed as well:

–Theory in education (and Educational Theory)
–Policy, action, and practices
–Intersectionality in Education
–Analysis of Lived Experiences in Education
–Using Praxis in Education Research
–Other areas of importance related to education (such as DACA, disability, gender, sexuality, race, poverty, activities, and pedagogy.)

Types of presentations accepted:

Each presenter will be given 12 minutes maximum for their presentations, additionally each presentation panel will include a Q & A at the end of each session.

There is no registration or entry fee.

If you need special accommodations - scheduling, accessibility, etc. please let us know. Please send any questions or comments to

Submit your proposal by April 1, 2020
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