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Fill this out if you're interested in helping spread the word for Tijan's newest project! We'll email you any/all information you can post on your social media. You can post all of it, or none of it. There's nothing mandatory about this form, just a willingness to help spread the word.

(This form is for only readers. If you are a blogger or bookstagrammer, please email my publicist:
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The purpose of this form is for anyone who genuinely wants to help spread the word, but for anyone who DOES help, you'll be automatically entered into a drawing to win an ARC (advanced copy) of my next book! (What that book will be is unknown at this time.) (Make sure your settings are open to public if you want to be entered for the drawing, or we won't be able to find your post.)
ALSO: If you're receiving this information and run a blog, and you'd like to do MORE to help spread the word, I am always open to interviews or character interviews. Please reach out to my publicist here:
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