Beta Zeta at Large Scholarship Day 2020
Call for Abstracts SUBMISSION. DEADLINE TO SUBMIT for Podium Presentations-NOVEMBER 18, 2019 at 12 noon. Poster Submissions- Feb 1, 2020.

Please have your abstract (250 words) and 2 learning objectives developed and information ready to complete this submission which should take approximately 30 min. Submissions include this cover sheet, biographical data form, conflict of interest form and disclosure form. In order to submit electronically, you will need to create a google account. Questions? or if you would rather submit your abstract via email- please email your abstract, biographical form and disclosure form available on the STTI Beta Zeta website.
Scholarship Day April 8, 2020
Sponsored by Division of Nursing, American International College; School of Nursing, Elms College; College of Nursing, University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Department of Nursing, Westfield State University
Abstracts being accepted for podium and poster presentations of Research, Evidence Based Practice, and Scholarly Activities
Deadline for submission- Podium abstracts- no later than Nov 18, 2019. Paper abstracts- no later than Feb 1, 2020.
Any questions, please contact Joan Kuhnly at
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