Girls Who Code at Columbia Interest Form
Thank you for being interested in Girls Who Code at Columbia University! :)

** For High School students interested in our program: **
Please fill out the information below so that we may keep you in mind to reach out to you when our applications go live for the next available cohort. This club chapter runs on a semesterly basis, one in the Fall from October-mid December and then one in the Spring from February-May. We have two classes, open to 8th - 12th grade girls only:

Class 1: for beginners for which is with those with very little to no CS experience, Scratch/Python
Class 2: intermediate level, focused on web development, HTML/CSS/Javascript

Please check out our website for more information about our club and send any inquiries you have to When sending an email, putting an appropriate subject title ensures that the right person on our team gets direct access to your inquiry!

** For Columbia Students interested in joining our chapter: **
First of all, thank you for your interest! If you wish to join our Teaching Team or the Managing Team, please fill out the appropriate form on our website (which are usually available on a semesterly basis) OR email us directly so that we can add you to our listserv and notify you when applications go live.
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