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supporting the development of new works by professional artists from page to stage

In Pencil: Staged Readings provides five shows a two week rehearsal and development process culminating in two staged readings. Each of the five shows will receive artistic and producorial support from The Scratch - cast and creative team development, dramaturgical consultations, rehearsal and reading space, as well as access to the entirety of The Scratch: Seattle Workshop Series.

Seeking theatrical submissions of all lengths, genres and styles at any stage of development. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and either be from or currently residing in the pacific northwest to participate. Applicants must also have local housing in the Seattle area and be available for the majority of the series dates. Applicants need not apply with shows that have already received a professional production[s]. Workshops, educational/developmental productions, and readings are not considered professional productions. Participating artists will receive a $100 stipend.

Professional Artists [playwrights, book writers, lyricists, composers, choreographer, devisers, etc.]: 18+ years old
Dates: August 11-27

Apply by Sunday, May 5
Interviews will be held in early June

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Artistic Statement *
What’s your story? What propels you to create? What brought you to theatre? What keeps you creating? Who inspires you? Answer these questions or others that suit you better to help us get to know you as an artist. 250 words max
Why The Scratch? *
What draws you to The Scratch? Why are you interested in developing your piece with The Scratch? Please be specific. 250 words max
Since each applicant can only submit one show, please ensure that all of your materials are supporting the same project.
Title of Show *
Synopsis *
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If your project has additional collaborators, please list their names, emails, and roles in the project.
At what point of development is your show? Please include an outline of the developmental history of the piece. *
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If offered a slot in the series, what 2-3 aspects of your piece are in crucial need of attention? How would you use your time to address those challenges? In other words, what are your goals and plans for the development of your piece. *
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Show Samples
10 Page Sample (save as TITLEOFSHOW-sample.pdf) *
If the sample you select is not the first 10 pages of the piece, please provide a brief synopsis of the action proceeding the sample. We encourage you to select an active piece of the show that highlights action, conflict, change and/or character development. If your piece relies heavily on non-textual elements [music, movement, choreography, etc.] please submit a written sample that best represents your piece [sheet music, transcribed movement or choreography, etc.].
Full Script or Outline (save as TITLEOFSHOW-fullscriptoroutline.pdf) *
Additional Materials (save as TITLEOFSHOW-additionalmaterials.pdf)
If you would like to share additional materials [audio, photo or video samples of the piece], especially if the piece relies heavily on non-textual elements [music, movement, choreography, etc.] please include a document with links to those files.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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