Cover Design Questionnaire
Cover designs starting at $250. After submitting the questionnaire with all of your cover needs, you'll be contacted with a more firm quote, or further clarifying questions if needed.

Covers are created with manipulated stock designs and are not hand-drawn.

All payments are through PayPal. A deposit will be required at the start of the project.

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Series title and book number if applicable
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Preferred Style *
Do you want a typography cover (focus on the text and a design or pattern)? Do you want a person? (Facing away, toward, or just a silhouette)? Etc. Do you want a symbol-based cover?
Font styles you like or don't like, if known. (Serif, sans serif, calligraphy, bold, etc.)
Colors you like
Including metallics such as silver or gold. Specific colors, or if undecided, you can indicate "warm colors", "cool colors", "jewel tones", "fiery", etc.
Colors you do NOT like
MUST haves *
Objects, styles, aesthetics, etc. (ex. It must have a sword, it must have vines and thorns, etc.) If there are people, describe physical traits they must have, clothing, hair color, weapons, etc.
Nice to haves
What other styles or themes does this book represent? Are there any interesting objects or artifacts that could be used in the details?
Tagline, if any, to include
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Links (or titles with author name) to book covers in this style that you like
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Other descriptions, comments, requests
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