Kansas Conservation Champion Award
The Kansas Conservation Champion Award originated at the 2015 Kansas Natural Resource Conference (KNRC) to honor exemplary service and perseverance dedicated to advancing the field of conservation in the state of Kansas. The inaugural award was presented posthumously to the family of Lance Hedges. Lance’s example of long-term, dedicated service to Kansas conservation efforts exemplifies the spirit of this award.

2016: Stan Roth, for educational contributions representing the natural heritage of Kansas.
2017: Dr. Jim Triplett, for his leadership in research and education of the next generation of conservationists in Kansas.
2018: John Strickler, for his decades of leadership in advancing conservation and environmental education in Kansas.

The Kansas Conservation Champion Award is presented annually at the KNRC. The awardee is selected based on nominations submitted by the partners and member organizations of the KNRC.

The awardee will be a deserving conservationist who has displayed outstanding dedication, innovation, and leadership for an extended period of time central to the conservation, protection, enhancement, appreciation, and stewardship of Kansas’ natural heritage and resources. The award is for efforts within the state of Kansas.

Nomination Considerations & Procedures
In making the selection the Committee will use the following criteria:
Importance and scope of activities central to the mission of the KNRC partners and member organizations.

Honoring the goals, missions, and vision of KNRC member organizations and/ or the greater KNRC community.

Duration of efforts. Continued accomplishments over a period of time shall be given greater weight than a single activity spanning only a limited time period.

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