Plymouth Public Library Literacy Program Enrollment Form
Congratulations on taking the first step towards your goal of:

Taking the HiSET or GED test to earn your high school equivalency diploma.


Improving your English skills for college or a job


Preparing for the US Citizenship test

We look forward to having you join our program!

We offer free classes to help Massachusetts residents (age 16+) prepare for the HiSET or GED testing, as well as employment or better employment, training or certificate programs, or college courses. (remote due to Covid restrictions)

We also offer advanced level ESL classes. (remote due to Covid restrictions)

When we are able to meet in the library again, we will offer free tutoring and ESL conversation classes.

Our classes run from September through June. We offer open enrollment throughout the school year. Students test when they are ready.

Because of the uncertainties of Covid -19 and the phase that Massachusetts will be in, our classes are remote until further notice. We will update students as soon as we have more guidance from the state.

In order to enroll, the Department of Education requires us to collect the following information. Once your form is submitted, a staff member will contact you to begin the orientation process.
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Release of Information Form I, [Student's Name], am enrolled in the Plymouth Public Library's Literacy Adult Education (AE) program. The state of Massachusetts pays for this program. This AE program works with other programs to help students improve their skills, get better jobs, and enroll in college or training. The programs work together to make it easier for students to use their services. The state needs to know if the programs are helping students achieve their goals.The information that I provide to this program will be matched against the employment records, GED and HiSET test results, and college and training enrollment so the state can evaluate and improve AE programs and to report results to the federal and state governments. Researchers may use this information to evaluate and improve AE programs. My records will be kept strictly confidential. Other programs and agencies that the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education works with are listed below:•Other adult education programs paid for by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education•ETS, HiSET and Pearson GED•National Student Clearinghouse, public and private colleges•State executive offices, departments, and agencies including, but not limited to, the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development, Department of Unemployment Assistance, Department of Revenue, and Department of Transitional Assistance, MassHire Career Centers and job training programs. With my permission, the AE program that I am enrolling in may use my employment records to evaluate and improve their services. By digitally signing this form, I give permission to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to share my data with this AE program.*Students under the age of 18 must have this consent form signed by the student’s parent or guardian.(Physical copy of this document must be signed upon arrival to the Plymouth Public Library's Literacy Program's Adult Educations physical location. This is a temporary digital copy due to the COVID-19 pandemic school closings.) *
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